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Well ... , if nobody is facing a black screen when pressing "y" to format the disk, it means that my initial install is the source of the issue. This was confirmed by the fact that even with the creation of a "SaveDisk" file, I was still facing a black screen when trying to save .

So, I have re-downloaded the disks set and re-done the WHDLoad install.
Then, based on the advice of StingRay I have created a small file named "SaveDisk" (containing 10 carriage return (size: 11)) and launched the game.
This time the Save/Load option worked like a charm !
"SaveDisk" file size grew to 6'156.

I do believe that the readme file of the WHDLoad installer should include an information about the creation of this "SaveDisk" file.

Anyway, thank you StingRay for the tip & mai for the test on a real Amiga !
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