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Originally Posted by Retro1234 View Post
Hello Retro1234. Yes, I did (see post #6) and I am using it actually to play Universe .

Still, I don't understand why there is a problem with the Save/Load feature when I create the HD install myself, and thus find interesting to know if it is the <snipped by DamienD> or the Universe WHDLoad game installer that is causing this specific issue.

Maybe if Dark Angel or Psygore are reading this thread, they can confirm/infirm the following point : is the "Saves to HD [registered users only]" compatible with the latest WHDLoad policy (as starting with WHDLoad release 18.2 the registration is neither required nor possible) ?

*** please don't link to .IPF files as per rules ***

Edit: I didn't thought that linking to a search engine result was infringing a rule. I am really sorry and apologize.

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