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Originally Posted by Graham Humphrey View Post
I honestly don't think it really puts people off and Predseda pointed out in a private thread over at Lemon that as a casual player, he doesn't put any stock in how many points he gets for his score. In fact the team competition interests him more. I wonder how many of our less superhuman players (i.e. most of us) have a similar point of view.
It's really the "less superhuman" players that I'm thinking of though.. the immortal beings at the top tend be competitive regardless of the points system (except when they take a hiatus of course).

I know the current system was put in place for a more 'even spread', and as you say there is no truly perfect system, but the negatives outweigh the positives with proportional imo. Results can be all over the place depending on which game is being played etc.
I'll also add that none of the superhuman players want to be extremely far ahead.. in any given situation. I'm sure John & Rexsu would agree. Perhaps another important question is which scoring system would this be least likely to happen.
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