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Originally Posted by Graham Humphrey View Post
...Just in terms of admin, I think maintaning a season where it's done at a certain date every month (the 1st?) is harder because it falls on different days where updating and creating new threads might not happen on time...
This change would rule me out from helping. (not that i do)

Originally Posted by john4p View Post
I don't really understand the logic for this either. You get more points if you take part in a popular round...why?
The logic is simple, as the number of competitors increase, so does the competition.

Originally Posted by Shatterhand View Post
... The score here is cool because it makes you keep wanting to improve even if you are in first place. I think that if you really do trump everyone else you should indeed get more points.

Do people have a problem with this system?
That was the intention, and it seems to work mostly.

Originally Posted by john4p View Post
Yes, because if someone has e.g. 20,000,000 points in 1st place due to a ridiculous end of game-bonus and all of the other players have scores from 50k-500k then the one with 500k gets about the same points as the one with 50k even though the one's 500k-score is 10 times higher than the other. This can lead to frustration/de-motivation.
What you are saying is that the game is broken so fix the comp scoring.

Originally Posted by john4p View Post
... It'd destroy some of our statistics though.
This is not true at all.

Originally Posted by linesmachine View Post
...However, I am interested in anything that might keep new blood coming into the comp. Not just to keep it alive but to encourage people to join and gain from the enjoyment I've had over the years.

Like Graham I do not want to have a big impact on voting. But

The fixed system proposed would be a backward step. It puts all the emphasis on beating the person in front of you rather then improving your own score.

The Bonus points for competitors method would be critical for a fixed points system in my view. And could also increase participation. (I would propose something different to what has been presented)

75/25 Fixed/proportional would go some way to addressing some concerns without doing anything to drastic.

Team scoring changes could alleviate some of the pressure from rounds with a small turnout, whilst encouraging others to compete (depending on system chosen)

I Just want people to think about what they are trying to achieve. If you have a better idea it is not too late.
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