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Yesterday; b16 was firing OS4.1.
- after a reboot ctrl+a+a system is really weird. I have grimreaper poping up in boot process, or just after (so I do "reset" on winuae window).winuae doesn't crash, but sometimes it says last user was not closed properly.
- network I don't know why; but ping doesn't work (no reply), when traceroute works...
- scsi thing is really nice.
- it seems that if i don't attach a hard drive or cdrom in scsi accelerator, then I can't go in cyberstorm boot menu
- it seems that if I do for exemple remove the cdrom is hd&cd config in winuae, it's not always taken into account (better close winuae and relaunch)

still, I hope i would be able to see pc drives at starup (hangs the boot actually), or simply attach a directory from pc side, those things doesn't work actually.

Actually, the only thing I haven't managed to resolve is how to affect more memory to the system, it seems I can add Z3 ram without crashing anything, but it doesn't seems to show up in OS4 (and it was said somewhere in winuar forums that os4 has to be patched, too technic for me^^).

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