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The Qemu PPC emulation definitely works in a single core CPU. I tested it on a 1.8ghz Pentium M laptop. I tried it first with the "Stopped M68K" slider in the middle. I tried OS3.9 and images loaded with WarpDT datatypes just about as fast as on a 1.8 ghz dual core laptop. Imagine PPC was very fast. OS4.0 took around 6 minutes to start but it was usable once it did. It was slow but not unbearably so and some things were slower than others. It took a long time to open a window but once a program was loaded, speed was OK. I ran ImageFX and loaded a couple of large images and there wasn't much delay.

Then I switched to the regular beta16. Not having the "Stopped M68K" slider didn't make that much difference. OS4.0 seemed a minute or so longer to load. Mixed 68K and PPC code in OS3.9 was about the same. There seems to be a delay when the PPC is first started but once it is engaged the first time, the delay is gone.
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