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I'm having trouble setting up a hard drive file in OS4.1

100000MB capacity as SFS/00
Accelerator SCSI (csppc, and OS4.1 installed with csppc.device support enabled)
Other drives on same Accelerator SCSI chain are 2GB for System partition (1GB SYS and 1GB SWAP, SYS is SFS/00) and CDROM
OS4.1 Update 2 Classic is installed on system partition using this config
No OS4.1 upates yet applied

I was able to use Media Tooklbox to partition completely as my Work partition using SFS/00 filesystem, same as the working SYS partition uses.

When doing quick format of this 100GB Work partition, WinUAE gives this message in a popup window:

hd: tried to seek out of bounds! (1869FFFE00 >= 186A000000 - 40000)

I click OK in this popup window and then get a WinUAE has stopped working window, and have to kill it all out.

The Windows host partition this 100GB HDF lives on has 234GB free after creating this HDF.

Are there any limitations to hard drive HDF drive size or partition size in WinUAE land?
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