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Originally Posted by zefrench View Post
ok I will put them first on the eab ftp site. I am scanning everything at 300 dpi greyscale into a series of .png first (png to prevent any loss to due other graphics formats). Those are being uploaded in large (40+MB) zip files.

Then I am manually converting these files to PDF, one page at a time, confirming OCR, to make the PDF docs are valid.

This will take many many weeks, I will post (here?) when I have one done.
If the documents are black and white, scanning at the highest possible resolution (600 or 1200dpi if your scanner supports it) in black and white would probably give better results than greyscale, and massively smaller file sizes; PDF can use JBIG compression then (which only works for bilevel images).

On a different subject: datasheets for some NCR SCSI controllers are available at now.
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