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This "bogl" thing kept me puzzled! (Probably because I come from SUSE/Red Hat world and dunno jack shiz about Debian microcosm.) Again, Google came to my rescue: it's the acronym for "Ben's Own Graphics Library":

BOGL is a tiny graphics library for Linux kernel 2.2.x framebuffers. It's intended for use in projects that need to take up minimal space, such as rescue floppies and GUIs for PDAs.

BOGL was originally intended exclusively for Debian GNU/Linux graphical boot disks. It was also used by the NanoGUI project for a while. Currently it is in use by Debian boot disks, but not for its original purpose. I'm not the current maintainer.
If the info is still current, chances are that it WILL NOT work with the 2.4 kernel tree, let alone current 2.6. Hmm...

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