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Originally Posted by KillaByte View Post
Cool - now we're getting somewhere. With the latest code the shell doesn't freeze up when trying to type something when I add "init=/bin/sh" to the kernel command line for Sarge. Without it I get an "illegal instruction" somewhere in the init script. Will have to pinpoint that tomorrow. Etch and Sid still don't make it to the initrd. If I recall correctly, you get the bogl stuff when you don't supply "debian-installer/framebuffer=false" at the kernel command line (for Sarge). Are you using the StartInstall script or do you call amiboot by hand?
I used script that came with installation package which didn't come with that parameter. I added it, no change. Must be some bug as usual, unfortunately Linux userspace programs seems to generate huge amount of bus errors which makes finding that single non-working one very boring... (and user space MMU mapping is continuously changing which makes finding correct physical address even more annoying..)

Originally Posted by Kyon View Post
Toni whats better with MMU support ? or what comes with MMU support ?
It is only (possibly) useful if you are programmer or want to play with Linux (or other Unix based stuff). Just ignore it. Completely.
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