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Originally Posted by Daedalus View Post
Yeah, it's not great, but you'll find it in the chapter on compiler directives and object handling, alongside Free, Use etc. Pointers are only very briefly covered in the manual, some decent examples would definitely be of help there! It's an area that I want to add some detail about on AmigaCoding... Some day
I downloaded that UBB thing now, the manual looks really good, thanks for that pointer too! And I'll be waiting for your pointer tips on Amigacoding, meanwhile, I'll have to be bothering you here ;P

I need to recollect my thoughts now and put all t his new knowledge to use. As soon as we're talking pointers and stuff, I am far more in my game than I was before, so hopefully I can make this work.

Thanks again to you and idrougge, you will be heavily credited in whatever I make :P
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