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By the way, I have noticed that NES and SNES prices became over-inflated too over the years (reaching 100€ even if they are very common) - that all came to an end when the official SNES mini and NES mini were released. You can now find them complete for 20-30€ each.

Same happened with the C64 - I didn't get one for years since I didn't want to pay one more than 25€. 1541s were going for crazy prices too (up to 100-150€ for a drive!). They all cratered when "The C64" replica came out. I've finally snatched a breadbin C64 + 1541 for the amount of money I wanted Most people have switched to the "The C64" because of its ease of use.

I suppose we will see a similar crash in the Amiga market when the Amiga Mini comes out. It seems the "The C64" guys are producing one. Most people will just be content to get one of those and leave the real hardware to the real hardcore aficionados.

I know a lot of people who have bought an A500 + Gotek for crazy amounts of money just to play it a few times then store it again in the cupboard... The Amiga Mini will be perfect for this kind of people and it will free up a bunch of real hardware on the market.

Anyways, just wait, the prices will come down
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