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Originally Posted by Mad-Matt View Post
Wipeout works fine in 3.1 and fullscreen using A4000/Grex/Voodo combination.

A4000/Mediator/Voodoo works in fullscreen, but it runs too slowly to enjoy. (Likely due to issue with gfx base address and ppc - causing huge slowdown)

EDIT: A1200/Grex/Voodoo is working fullscreen but speed is erratic. 603ppc emulation is notably slower in general though.
A1200/Mediator/Voodoo3 is a little better, but not by much. (although winuae could hardcrash after the title screen)

Same thing with a real machine or it's emulation related ?

I did some tests and it is indeed very slow ( my actual PC is too old ).

I have found what was wrong with my full screen issue.

It's in fact an environment variable which was not present in Prefs / Env-Archive / Mediator : Warp3D = YES.

I will be doing some tests later with Grex and OS3.1. For now, I'm going back to do some tests on OS4.
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