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Originally Posted by Mad-Matt View Post
Engine doesnt like Voodoo for unknown reasons and doesnt work on my real Amiga either (med/voodoo3). On Permedia2 Engine normaly asks what mode you want to use 15/16/24 and runs on whatever is selected. It works on an emulated CVision3D 15bit screen as well. Not working on Emulated Voodoo with cgx or p96.

My thoughts are that it does something very specific for Warp3D v2/v3 and there is no v3 HW driver for Voodoo. Likely similar reason why early StormMesa demos dont run on Voodoo either. with Permedia2 you can force Warp3D v4 to fall back on Warp3Dv3 compatability (although sometimes you really need to drop the v3 hardware driver back in).

Wipeout Wont work in 68k as its a ppc game!!

Thank you very much for these detailed explanations. Yes, for WipeOut I made an unfortunate mistake talking about 68K. But the question remains the same (but in PPC).

Did you successfully launch Wipeout with OS 3.1 in PPC mode and full screen ?
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