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Originally Posted by andyhants View Post
Quick question looking at the content of the EAB server via FTP it shows the most recent TOSEC DATs dated 31/10/20
Are you talking about the "combined" .DATs I created to make have / missing files easier to identify without running 50+ individual .DATs?

i.e: here: Amiga - Latest Public DATS Combined (v2020-10-31) & (v2019-05-10) & (v2018-07-27)

Originally Posted by andyhants View Post
would i be right then in thinking that the TOSEC archive is updated to that version (ie 31/10/20) ?

Main TOSEC directory is: TOSEC Release (2019-12-24)

...and there is also TOSEC Updates/TOSEC [2020-07-29] which is obviously: TOSEC Release (2020-07-29)

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