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Well, the reason for asking is kind of like this: suppose you have a sample playing at a non-maximum volume and then use Paula's amplitude modulation on it. What happens?

Does the amplitude modulation simply "overwrite" the volume setting of the channel with a new one, or does it affect the output separately? If it does the latter, you might be able to reach volume levels that are not normally possible, which might be interesting. Or does it perhaps merely alter the digital value of the sample pair currently read?

I guess I'm asking if it's:
  • Paula amplitude modulation affects digital value of sample, staying inside of the -128/+127 range
  • Paula amplitude modulation affects channel volume, staying inside of the 0-65 range
  • Paula amplitude modulation is a separate process from the above (and therefore can change sample output outside of the normal 8-bit limits/outside of normal 0-65 volume range)

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