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Originally Posted by ross View Post
Perhaps first it is better to decide which machine to try Paula with.
- Amiga 500/2000: 4.42 kHz (100 nF, 360 ohm)
- A600 Rev2: 27.7 kHz (3.9 nF, 1.5k ohm)

- A1200 Rev1d: 27.7 kHz (3.9 nF, 1.5k ohm)
- A1200 Rev2: 34.4 kHz (6.8 nF, 680 ohm)
- A4000: 4.52 kHz (47 nF, 750 ohm)
The question about the A600 has been settled earlier in here, but I'd like to add some words. I extracted the previously stated numbers for the A600 filter from a schematics PDF that's circulating, which in turn actually contained A1200 Rev1d specs in the audio filter.
As luck would have it, I was just handed an A600 for fixing. And unsurprisingly by now, that A600 has the same filter as A500/2000, 100nF+390Ohms.
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