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Originally Posted by roondar View Post
  • How does Paula's ability to do amplitude modulation where one channel can modulate the amplitude of the other affect these results? (this is the one I didn't quite get the answer to as it seemed to me to only refer to a frequency that Paula relied on and not anything about SNR)
From what I got from Henryk's paper, Paula works at a base frequency of ~3.58 MHz, and PWM is using 64 cycles. So when setting a replay period of 64 (equaling a sample replay frequency of 3.58 Mhz/64 = 55.4 kHz) or any integer multiple of that period, every sample overlaps perfectly with a PWM period. If the replay period is different, a PWM period can overlap two samples, which will lead to distortions. I guess a modulated PWM (AM approach) will lead to worse results than having a channel set at a fixed volume of 1.

I am however not 100% sure I understand everything correctly, and I had more of a glimpse at the paper than really working through the math.

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