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Originally Posted by bloodline View Post
10bit equivalent SNR is inline with my observation using the Amiga for professional audio recording.
Well, it's not 14 bits. But still, around 10 dB of extra SNR is nothing to sneeze at - it's still essentially free extra quality. Maybe the knowledge it's 10 bits can even lead to new replayers that take advantage of this somehow.

All this does make me wonder about two things (one was kind of answered, but I didn't really get the answer so maybe someone can clarify?):
  • How does Paula's ability to do amplitude modulation where one channel can modulate the amplitude of the other affect these results? (this is the one I didn't quite get the answer to as it seemed to me to only refer to a frequency that Paula relied on and not anything about SNR)
  • What does this mean when we're talking about other systems with "16 bit sound"? Early PC cards with 16 bit DAC's often had terribly noisy output/real world SNR values. Can those still be called 16 bits, if SNR is essentially how we measure how many bits can be represented?
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