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Sorry to bump an older thread but can anyone point me to an updated Hatari port for the Amiga 68K OS 3.1 or earlier compatible, or even OS4 if desperate?

I want to run Hatari IN WinUAE to run Atari STe games within AmigaOS.

I can run Hatari native on PC but if feels ... archaic... to run it.

If there was a BRIDGE mode for Hatari to the HostOS (AmigaOS, MacOS, Windows, Linux, etc..) where if I click on the *.TOS or Atari ST bat files it can just run Hatari into a Window on the desktop, that would be great.

There are some awesome demos, games and music not native or port to the Amiga or PC. Maybe we can crowd source to help Damien update his collection with custom Atari exclusives configuration files this way?

Thanks for any suggestions.
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