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UTM / QEMU Arm emulating PPC.

So not sure where to put this on the forum, but anyway, just wanted to know if anyone on here tried UTM on iOS ( ) (which is a QEMU Emulator and lets you run other OS on ios) of course there PPC emulation and i know there work on a Sam460 system being emulated ( )

Anyway the main reason Im asking is a IPhone XR is 63% faster at PPC emulation than Ryzen 7 1700 at 3.75Ghz

will PPC emulation be easier to do on Arm? is there one out there already ( I had a google I couldn't find anything apart from the above. )
Will/could WinUAE Qemu PPC support make it over to ARM?
Basically is it currently possible to get AmigaOS4 running on a ARM computer, emulated?
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