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Originally Posted by StingRay View Post
The library needs to be copied to the "Libs" directory. It can be downloaded from Aminet, you can then simply run the installer which is included in the package and everything should be copied to the correct location.

That's what the "ExecuteCleanup" is for, it is used to enable the IP-stack which was disabled by the "ExecuteStartup" command. Check the WHDLoad documentation for more information.
Nice one thanks for that info. I will have a look at this. It's almost certain I will have some more stupid questions

Originally Posted by crazyc View Post
Hi Gerry,

No, whdload turns off the network after running the updatecheck.
At least that is how it works on mine.
It all seems to work smoothly although i don't have the open url thing installed on my checkmate yet to test the rest out. The update checks work fine.
It then re enables the network on the way out.
Seemed to crash mine yesterday a few times on trial. I will mess around with it somemore.
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