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Originally Posted by Saghalie View Post
I UnARc'd to the RAM DISK:

I think the Shared drive is what is causing your issue. I'll see what happens if I use a shared drive (directory).
Originally Posted by Daedalus View Post
While shared drive behaviour is close to native behaviour, even under OS 3 emulation it occasionally does strange things so I tend to use virtual hard drives for System and Work partitions, and shared drives for data. It might be worth taking that approach for OS4 too...
Thanks to you both... I agree, I think the shared drive is suspect (although the RAM disk filling up in the way it did was also a bit weird).
I have emailed AmigaForever support to ask them... as they do set this drive up as part of their image for the OS4.1 system.. so should be interested and can perhaps fix in future (or use virtual hard drives and find a better way to share data with host system).
My experience still slightly different to yours Saghalie on your test 2.. where I was not able extract (it hung part way through extracting to shared.. but I have not seen any guru's on any file requestors. but may be our scenarios are not quite the same (I am not trying actually run the install prog.. I am just limiting my tests to extracting)

Thanks again for your help and input.
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