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Originally Posted by Saghalie View Post
No problems here. The only difference for me was that instead of using the
"LHA x update.lha" method, I just double clicked the icon for the download
and extracted/installed that way.

Interesting to note though is that I kept getting a guru for the file selector
but I would kill the process restart it and it ran without problems
Interesting.. so I guess by double clicking.. you didnt use LHA... and would have used the UnArc app..
Where did you UnArc it to?
As I said right at top of this thread.. I did try and use UnArc but it failed with the hang
But I just retired it.. using your method of just double clicking.. and again - I changed the destination (seemed to default to "system:") to Shared: and again, it progressed to about half way - and then just stopped and hung (I could not close the window/stop etc)..
P.S. I got no Guru/errors from the file selector.

And just to confirm.. after killing process in windows task manager and restarting system... I tried to delete the folder with the partial extract and that got to 28% complete.. and hung as well
So will delete the partial extract from within windows.. and do some retests.. but it looks like something is FUBAR.


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