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Lots of missing information. I don't know which configuration you're using. Amiga 500, 2000, 3000, 4000?? If A4000.. Make it have 4 floppies. Workbench in DF0:, Install in DF1:, and so on until all floppies are full. Make sure you've set the size of the HDF (500MB..or smaller, bigger depending what you want to do). Click create and choose filename for the HDF. Now, select it in path. Next, click "Full Drive/RDB mode". Disable the Boot option for the moment..

Boot the Amiga.

In this case, uaehf.device is what's used. I suggest once you're about to prep the Hard Drive that you copy the program HDToolBox to RAM: so it doesn't attempt to save the info to floppy. From there, Right Amiga+I from the RAM: location will bring up Information so you make change the device from scsi to uaehf and the save. Now run the program.

Now you should see "Change drive type" is active. You know what to do from there?
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