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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
Did you actually find a useful test case for this "issue"? Since i couldn't find something odd in newer WinUAE versions (compared to older), micro-stutter related. At least not with hexaae suggested games. Or is it a nVida+G-sync only problem? AMD+Freesync seems fine here.
I didn't test yet. Currently with my new G-Sync compatible monitor scrolling appears to be smooth again but I haven't stared at it multiple minutes yet.

And this thread contains far too much noise but not much scientific tests (except from one person) so there is nothing that can be proven.

My guess is "pull" mode WASAPI which reduces latency but reduced latency also introduces more strict timing requirements. Especially if DSOUND still works mostly the same. Better sync to sound output timing might help but it might cause other issues.
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