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Originally Posted by boondoggle View Post
Oh I´m glad i found this post! I really hate microstutter and has had this problem for years now (aparantly since 3.3 version). I´ve had minor crackles (audio crackle) here there but I can reliably reproduce the bug in Xtreme Racing CD32 version. If i run 040 with fast as possible and JIT it audio crackles up and the game almost freezes. But if i lower JIT cache size to 1Mb and lower cpu speed to maximum 190% it never crackles up. I admit I don´t know what I´m doing but if it starts to crackle it seems i have to toggle some Advance JIT Setting to reset it, Hard flush or direct to indirect seems to flush the lag/crackle away. I tried the "3.3" version of WinUAE and I cant get it to trigger the crackle!
Let's try to help Toni find what has changed...
I noticed it all started with >= 3.4.0b1, can you please confirm?
3.4.0b1 download:
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