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Originally Posted by Mad-Matt View Post
Warp3D not quite their yet. Sticking with Warptest, the programe runs but shows no texture. But its a start! just like when CVision3D support was starting out.
Assuming warptest starts in your config, what mode does it want? What does the mode requester list?

Originally Posted by Mad-Matt View Post
I can pull my Amiga 1200 to bits and setup a med+voodoo3 if it can help development (I have the original 4 slot version with updated mach chips for mmcd). I never really liked it as its a slower setup than the BVision and it was a pain to setup. You don't realize how useful the built in aga mode promotion is until its gone

or maybe best to see if someone shows up with a working setup already.
At least pciinfo output would be nice to have.
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