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Originally Posted by thomas View Post
Voodoo 3 gfx works perfectly (P96 / 2D)
Which almost certainly means there is some driver version conflict or something that breaks it for some users.

but sound output is broken. Both FM801 and ES1370 only output noise. With 16 bit settings they output white noise, with 8 bit settings they output a buzzing sound.
This is correct behavior. PCI DMA returns random data if it is not enabled.

Default is no PCI DMA supported. No real hardware can do PCI DMA to/from Amiga side RAM. G-REX can do it from onboard RAM only, others can't do it at all. Real hardware most likely hangs if PCI DMA is attempted?

Tick "PCI DMA" checkbox.

And as mentioned in the beta thread it's not possible to configure A4000 mainboard RAM.
It is already fixed.
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