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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
It is too early for m68k+PPC config. Only after m68k only config is confirmed working. Basic stuff first, always.

It is also extremely too early for 3D stuff!
Are you meaning me? I was only answering the question. I'm not doing any 3D stuff ATM with this. I wanted to help with my common config. Anyway..I think I've goofed somewhere This is PCIInfo output.. I'll make a generic install..after a bit. If you did mean me, I understand, basic stuff first, always.

Pci Device 1:
VendorID: $121a
VendorName: Unknown
DeviceID: $5
DeviceName: Unknown
ClassCode: $30000
RevisionID: $1
InterruptPin: 2
SubsystemVendorID: $121a
SubsystemID: $3a
MemSpace0: $50000000 - $51ffffff
MemSpace1: $52000000 - $53ffffff
IOSpace2: $40c06000 - $40c060ff
RomSpace: $54000000 - $5400ffff

Edit: Seems missing MM_CD_UP2.5 and going straight to MM_CD_UP2.6 caused that. Otherwise, I also await an update until I know more of what to do since I'm still seeing a black from Picasso96Mode (P96 3.0) and grey Use screen from ScreenMode.

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