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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
winuaelog.txt needed. Does it switch to Voodoo mode? (=END+F9 switches back to native?)

Pardon, that grey screen was Chipset. Did the switch to Voodoo and it's a black screen. Included in attachment. I've only used Edit in Picasso96Mode and that causes what SEEMS to be a lock for Amiga. WinUAE is doing fine.

The 68K goes to 0% usage after choosing Voodoo screen and or..test/editing Picasso96Mode. I didn't log this. Shall I?

Originally Posted by andyhants View Post
Ah ok - so does that include the Amiga version of wip3out ?

Could you perhaps advise which other games this includes ?
I think Wip3out wouldn't be included because it only uses 15-bit modes..? Workbench screen might be doable on 32bit. Not sure. Payback WOS, Nightlong, and some others should. I still enjoy Payback WarpOS a bit, and as far as I know it's Amiga only. Well, except for PS2..or...something like that..? For Consoles, I'm strictly CD32.
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