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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post

Don't forget to add the text bug too when you meet the huge spider in the cave in the grandpa house. it has the |END bug too, the text doesn't appear correctly in the v1.07.
See Fixed (Unconfirmed) sheet, bug #34. Released in a fix on 23/09/2004 by Meynaf.

Originally Posted by Meynaf
spider web message with "|END", and not terminated
He removes the extra characters "|END" at the end of textblock 4, replaces them with a textblock terminator "$00" (and fixes the string length for textblock 4 in the header). There was already 10 textblock's defined in the header of the original sub-file and 10 textblock lengths. Now there are 10 correctly terminated textblocks in the body and everything SHOULD be displayed correctly (but I have not tested it).

(For some reason Meynaf also shortens textblock 10, removing a space at the end. Why I have no idea. I assume this is a cosmetic text layout fix that was not recorded)

This fixes the issue you you reported in 2013 9 years after the patch.

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