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Originally Posted by White View Post
i installed elboxcd then 2.5 update and pci.libs 9.11 and bios
then picasso96 from amigaos3.9 cd crashes here is the dump
Why are you still trying to introduce unnecessary complexity? Just do plain 3.1 installation, no OS39 etc until basic setup is confirmed working.

Also crash dumps are useless from unofficial betas.

Originally Posted by andyhants View Post
Can I just ask - what does Voodoo 3 emulation do for WinUAE - maybe I'm being obtuse but surely Voodoo emulation is more around PC Emulation (so a Glidos type thing) & running late DOS / early ish Windows era stuff under say DOSBox - rather than anything specificallt Amiga-related, or am I missing something obvious ?
Because it is one of the "rare" boards that are "all OS" supported (3.x, OS4, Amiga 68k/PPC linux/unix stuff) and has large enough VRAM to support full HD resolutions at 32-bit.

Originally Posted by Mad-Matt View Post
You are missing that Voodoo cards are supported by Warp3D for hardware 3d rendering which a handful of games (pc ports I grant you) use. A few scene demos use Warp3d as well and AmigaOS4 especially for hardware accelerated workbench features.
3D isn't really the point.. It is only a bonus.
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