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Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
Do you have a full list of these bugs ? F.e. I've never read about wrong map flags before. : Fixed (unconfirmed) sheet - bug 59

1Map_data.amb - Subfiles 00D.amb and 094.amb both need the 2nd byte in the file changing to $3A

These two maps (which cover an area of 50x50 tiles) have the "Map flags" "indoor" bit set but should have the "outdoor" bit set. As such they are not illuminated by sunlight, based on time of day, instead they are permanently dark.

Here is a description of the Map file format

Unfortunately I can't find the discussion Pyrdacor had on this so I cannot confirm the location of these two areas using the Lyramion world map coordinates but I think I can work it out for the future.
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