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Originally Posted by LooZee View Post
I have seen parts of my code being used many times in all those years. People created maps and avatars to fill their websites with my tools. That's great and it always made me happy to have the Amberworld project credited.
Thank you for all your time and effort. You have inspired many people.

Originally Posted by LooZee View Post
Many attempts on porting Ambermoon, Amberstar and Albion have come and gone. Not one of those developers ever contacted me to ask for cooperation.
Yes? Most have contacted me and discussed your work in detail over the years.

Originally Posted by LooZee View Post
That is the lesson that Amberworld taught me about "open source". Never do that again.
It can be quite hard to see work you did go in a direction that you don't like or approve of, without any input or appreciation. Being an open-source developer I imagine you have to be good at breaking emotional ties with the work and letting it loose to see what it might transform into. I couldn't do it, contribute to other projects yes, publish my own project no, my work is too much like my children.
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