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Almost all of the bugs do not spoil the enjoyment of Ambermoon v1.05 (German) or v1.07 (English). Both can be played to completion with the original files. The original v1.07 has more issues, after all it is an unpublished beta.

Originally Posted by jbenam View Post
Have those fixes been "backported" to the Amiga version or is there a plan to do so?
Yes. With the feedback from lots of people (and his own experiences) Meynaf created a patch for v1.07 a long time ago for the worst of the bugs introduced during translation to English. Plus many cosmetic bugs. The spreadsheet in the first post has a column which shows which bugs are in the 2012 Maynaf patch and which are not (yet?). Each bug has a description of the effect and a technical description of the fix, which file it is in plus the original and patched files to show anyone interested how the patch works.

Originally Posted by jbenam View Post
I've always been fascinated by Ambermoon, but I've always thought of it (from what I have been reading around) like a mass of bugs waiting to wreck your game and put you in an unwinnable state. Kinda off-putting when you have limited time for gaming
This is just not true. You can play the entire game through to completion with the original files. With the Meynaf patch you can play through and never have a crash.

But as dlfrsilver scaremongering says both v1.05 and v1.07 have some sort of memory allocation bug in the exe which can cause crashes under extreme conditions and has not been fixed. But they are rare, I've never experienced one, but they are also predictable and with the multiple save game feature you can save regularly, e.g before using the eagle, broomstick, or flying disc, just in case.

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