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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Important information missing..

Does weird stuff only happen if JIT is enabled and in direct mode? This is the most important bit. (First switch off direct, then switch off JIT completely. Shutdown winuae completely between tests)

(and keep leds off)
When booting with my cfg below, keeping JIT OFF indeed won't make WHDLoad startup freeze anymore (when ON, direct or indirect won't change)...

EDIT: Toni, this is interesting: adding to my JIT=ON cfg below Hardflush=ON will fix WHDLoad startup freezes...

Hard Flush: If this is unchecked, an OS induced icache flush doesn't actually empty the cache, but instead checksumming will be used to check whether blocks have to be discarded. You'll probably want to leave this at its default (otherwise lots of stuff, like the OS, gets translated over and over).

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