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Thanks for your advice, I really appreciate them.
During the year, I have a window in which I can dedicate a computer expense.
For games I currently use a 1920x1080p monitor and even now
for example GTA-V reaches 80-140fps in the proprietary benchmark with the geforce 970gtx
I've never had any problems in other games either.
But games depend a lot on the graphics card.
Even the rpcs3 emulator with games makes 25-30fps probably with a higher graphics card I would go much higher but the emulator in question is not yet mature and depends a lot on the games currently supported.

Instead I was interested in winuae for the 4.1FE certainly not essential but given my budget the Ryzen 3600 XT seems to me a good choice even in anticipation of a future graphics card to match it.

To change the computer on the other hand I have to do the math in this way I just have to do the calculation of the CPU without graphics card.

The CPU in question for 200 euros seems to me a good buy by referring to the benchmarks indicated above.

Thanks again.
If someone emulates 4.1FE with a ryzen 3600 it would be ideal or with similar processors even different to get an idea of ??the performance it can achieve.
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