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The applications are many it is not possible to make a list, from qemu to vmware streaming emulators games etc.
other operating systems, in this case winuae to emulate the 4.1FE
I can replace the graphics card in the future.
I have seen the benchmarks compared to my i7 4770k even though it is a few years old I have to say it works just fine
There is a doubt that I can not understand apart from the difference in architecture and I think it makes a difference as does the ddr4 ram at 3200 ghz and the cache

Thinking about it from the bios I imagine that the 3600XT can be set up so that each processor works at 4.5ghz
as I do now with my i7 4770k everything is set up so that the processor always maintains 4.2ghz for all 4 processors.

I don't doubt that only one processor works at 4.5ghz but this seems strange to me.

I have seen that the 3600XT is compared in performance to the I5 10600k
this would be enough for me to switch computers.

Here honestly my doubts are these, thanks again for the possible answers.
I also understand that it is not possible to cover all the topics as you were saying.
I probably think the 3600XT is the best choice in the 200 euro price range
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