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I was reading a review of the AMD Ryzen Pro 4750G (Zen 2 8 core with less cache than Ryzen 3xxx) and people were saying to buy a Ryzen 3300 4 Core CPU instead. For the money, add a 2080 GTX and it kept up very well against an 8 core CPU for most games, except for those games that used more than 8 threads.

IF you need PCIE Gen 4, get the Ryzen 3x000 or 4x000 series, otherwise same money and get an Intel 7700K (4C) or 9600K (6C) and OC that to 5+ GHZ and call it day.

Only if you really need 8 cores should you buy more. Seems the bang for the buck is 6 cores right now.

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