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Originally Posted by White View Post

I have postponed the purchase, I would like to choose this motherboard:
I really need some advice for the motherboard, I think this is better as it is value for money and support for 3600 and more with a slightly higher price.
Also can I put the Geforce 970gtx in it?
Is a new generation video card supported for a future purchase?
Some advice?
That appears to be a fairly decent motherboard, and with a BIOS update in the future, it SHOULD (but it's not known for sure yet) support future Ryzen 4000 series AM4 CPUs. But I'm no expert in this, there may be a better option for you.

Regarding putting the GeForce 970GTX in it, yes, that will work without issue.

And yes, that will support all current and the next generation video cards when they come out, will it support a new card in 5 years time, nobody knows at this point, but it supports all that is currently available and will most likely support everything released for the next year or two.

It also supports 2x M.2 drives, so you can put in a M.2 NVMe drive to boot from, which makes a HUGE difference when compared to the older SATA 3 SSD drives - not that they're slow compared to a mechanical HDD, they're far faster, but NVMe drives are far faster than anything that uses the SATA interface. It makes a HUGE difference to how responsive the system is and is well worth the small additional cost IMHO.

CPU wise, that officially supports up to a Ryzen 9 3950X (16 core, 32 thread, Base Clock: 3.5GHz, Max Boost Clock: Up to 4.7GHz) and it appears to me that the limit for CPU support on that board is the power delivery, with the highest wattage being 105W. So it may not be compatible with the highest end of the new AMD Ryzen 4000 series when they launch, but it will most likely be compatible with the mid-range replacements for the 3600 in the 4000 line - which is where the best value for money is anyway.

Personally, I'd be looking more at a motherboard with a AMD X570 chipset, as they support a newer revision of PCIe, which may become important in the future, and it seems to me that getting something that is a future proof as possible is important to you. But if budget is a big concern, the Motherboard you have found is not a bad choice and would be less expensive than anything with a X570 chipset.

I hope that helps you?
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