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I don't stream anything. The quality is too low for me. Netflix's quality is too low (I rent BDs and DVDs only), same with Hulu and the rest. Bllleeeech. I remember Pong, as well as my Atart 2600, Commodore 64 was a HUGE..then the Amiga. That rocked everything! The C64 was pretty sweet too. I'm not much into Science, but I do appreciate computers. Same with animals, and the Earth. A lot of "gamers" today seem to forget that there are real animals on the planet.

One of my parts arrived already. WinUAE will be one of my first programs to check with. I don't expect any problems other than getting Windows 7 to run. I'm cool with dealing with that & making it happen. I won't go's too ugly for me. I picked this Motherboard because Windows 7 is possible to get running on it. I have attempted many times to enjoy Windows 10, it's not happening. Everyone I know also think the same way. Put Windows 10 in the trash as for looks. If you have a job at the State, you're stuck with it Professionally.

It'll be...a few more days before I have the other components. I'm pretty excited.
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