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I don't have a big budget, it would be easy to choose other components in this case, currently I have a geforce 970 gtx 4gb that I will replace as soon as possible, but also in a year with the advent of the unreal engine 5 etc. basic standards will change.
While for the use of other applications I imagine that there are only benefits.
I'm also curious to try qemu and many other applications, streaming etc.
I apologized because the topic is not inherent to winuae, but I am aware that many users have the right experience also to give advice for other uses of the PC
For amigaos 4.1FE (winuae) I imagine that even if in single thread the Ryzen 3600 does not differ much from an I5-I7 at least looking at the benchmarks, but with the new ram components etc. I expect a 30-40% increase in winuae for 4.1FE (I hope)
Here a video of two years ago remaining in theme "Amiga" with an I5-2400 I tested qemu with the 4.1 (sam460) and Morphos then I have no longer deepened also here I expect a further increase.
Having been born in the period of "pong" it is nice for me to see technology as it has grown over time and today you can do too many things to use everything together and for me it is nice to talk about computer science with those who have an open mind in this sector .
As soon as everything arrives I will finally start using the new PC, probably today, once you have activated win10 enterprise and make backups and various downloads of other applications.

So are you already using the new system with ryzen?
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