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Intel's CPUs aren't always faster. Plenty of people already point to that and I've built systems. Anyway, I'm not going to get into a debate. I'm not a big gamer, I have many other things do to with my time and life than just look at a screen most of the time and listen to other people "trash talk". I enjoy games once in a while, and I don't see any problem with the parts I'm looking at from AMD. Toni has already commented about Ryzen doing well (find his post somewhere..) with WinUAE. He's the programmer of WinUAE, so I tend to trust his knowledge also. I've read plenty of posts about overclocking not being needed for a lot of stuff. Some people, especially kids, think that overclocking is a must. For heavy 3D usage, sure.. If you spend (WOW!) 5 to 8+ hours "gaming" then you might because you're probably into First Person Shooters, and I don't care about those (mostly).

I'd be using it for Hackint0sh (Mimic my MacBook Pro; and I'm DONE supporting Apple and their screwball waaaaay over priced hardware), USB 3.x, Video Editing, some games, WinUAE, and onboard SSD...which also means newer SATA connections...which means faster transfer rates. Besides, it's not merely about CPU speed. Hardware considerations, USB 3 and GOOD solid USB support, and more are important. I'm not into throw away hardware. Next build is going to have, or seem to have, good hardware to last for another several years.
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