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I haven't followed the Gaming Scene deeply in a while (2016..??) I still enjoy some newer stuff, but my interests are still very much Amiga, video editing, and other stuff way outside of sitting in front of a screen for _hours_ at a time often through a week (Ur, Atlantis+++). So I've been researching AMD Ryzen a bit, and I realllllly like the lower costs of a new Desktop of mid-range. I agree, I do not need the Highest end.

The CPU burn-out does not make sense to me, in all the builds and followups with others of builds I've made. Most of which are only fans based, not any coolers. I know they've improved but liquid does not mix well with electrics. Look, Pretty smoke!! (Laughing!) I agree with you and Toni...most benchmarks don't help for common usage. SysInfo was a nice indicator for Amiga but I wouldn't "rely on it", especially for "PC" hardware versions. They're neat for gist ideas and showing progress. I think some people get too much of a weird "hard-on" about it all.

The Ryzen 5 3600 is what I'm really looking at. I would like to boost some projects to finish them quick but not to add more to be done, and have shorter amounts of time with some stuff. Gaming isn't a big deal to me, fun sometimes (more Amiga than current 3D) but I don't care about First Person Shooters much. I much prefer adventures, thinker stuff. Puzzle solving.

Being able to use WinUAE with it, with a bit more ability to maintain some speeds for other stuff is a factor. With this 10+ year machine, running WinUAE impacts my Duel Core, well..that's to be expected, which then slows the multi-thread video editing. It looks like that won't be a problem with the 3600. Anyone else doing this or other stuff to use the Cores/threads? I mean, not just gaming but other programs?
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