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I don't really follow the high-end gaming PC scene anymore, been a few years strictly in the retro zone, but I don't recall anything about overclocking causing "short life" and would have to see some strong evidence to believe that.

That's of course if you apply reasonable values and don't go madly overboard. The OC scene is quite well informed and all's needed is to read up some write ups for your processor from trusted sources and see what do they say.

Personally I always tried to overclock only on the no-fuss level; ie with just the motherboard multiplier (no voltage) and decent fan (no liquid etc). The performance gains from going really high seem too negligible to bother. This way I ran i7 2600K (second hand bought) for several years with no problem at all.

The other thing is that all these benchmark suite scores are a bitnebulous and misleading, obviously the highest ranked processor is the fastest, but what does it really mean for real life use? Does it make any significant difference in particular applications? Then you have the price vs performance factor too. In my experience (did a lot of AAA gaming) the top shelf processors are never worth it, it's better to seek out some mid-range powerhouses.
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