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I apologize if I return to this topic,
but there are many forums that talk about this topic, in most cases many are useless.
I think there are people with IT skills here.
Even if the topic is OT and I apologize for this.
I would just like to ask from personal experience in this case I am referring to the I7 4790k processor.

I am aware that the practice of overclok is completely personal and certainly there are no "standard overclocks"

But having an I7 4770k I documented myself on this topic as I always try to do.

All I need is some advice given your past experience with this processor.

I do not ask you any advice for the settings for the processor would be a very varied and boring topic.

Having purchased an i7 4770k "Costa Rica" obviously I wanted to see where it was coming from, I reached 4.5ghz with the CPU voltage ring at 1,200 and it is very stable etc. etc. and falls within the standard of this processor.

My question is simply that the processor reaches 4.7ghz but I have to raise the ring ratio to 1.375
And it works perfectly.
I read that with this frequency, even if stable, it could greatly shorten the life of the CPU.
I am not a fanatic of these things but I read that with this ring ratio at 1.375 it is actually not recommended.

So I just wanted to know if you had any experience with this.

Of course any advice from anyone who has experience with this could help me understand better.

It has nothing to do with the winuae emulation, so I apologize
I just believe that competent people can answer me.

In case this post is deleted, I think it's right, so I apologize in advance.
Thank you.
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