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Originally Posted by gulliver View Post
Everything can change for sure, but AROS has strengths where AmigaOS does not and vice versa:

AROS is designed to be portable and is not married to a particular hardware architecture. That is a good choice if you want to take advantage of extremely fast hardware (e.g. X64) or low power scenarios (ARM) or even other more exotic hardware.

On the flip side, when it comes to dealing with Classic Amiga hardware, it struggles and will inevitably continue to do so because it does not have the best code generator for it, and it has additional abstraction layers to make their driver development model as hardware independant as possible, which is a prerequisite to make it portable.

IMHO AROS strength is showcased in its X64 development branch, where it has the potential to take advantage of multiple cores and more than 2 GB of ram at an affordable cost.

Trying to play a catching game with AmigaOS on 68k is not a very fuitful path for the reasons explained above. Better aim for the big boys (IBM PC hardware and/or whatever architecture drives the market in the future).

That is not true and it is a lie. I have tried AROS on my Amiga hardware and it is as fast and smooth as workbench is. :P With all the advanced features that AmigaOS does not have. What? Want me to make video to you to proof it?
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