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I am (I think) almost there.
  • I now have a linked list of the text, line by line I want to display.
  • I know the length (in characters of each line)
  • I know the width and height of the window I want to put the text in.
  • I know the width etc of the font I'm using
What I cannot find is how to use Textlength (or whatever) to find the number of pixels each line will use, my idea is to take this divide it by the number of chars, to give an average, leave a bit of leeway and then work put how many chars will fit per line into the window and I guess how many lines.

Can someone point me at the right command to use, or better still a code chunk to learn from? I confess that the limited stuff I have found on the net has left me somewhat confused.

Thanks in advance.
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