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Originally Posted by mark_k View Post
How about using fprintf() instead of sprintf()?

It's kind of a hack, but can you open NIL: then call fprintf() outputting to NIL: to discard the output since you're just interested in the return value?
Many thanks for the suggestion, it may be a hack(ish) but it works. the only problem I have is that the resulting executable is 7.7K for something that is tiny. So I tried to 'Amigaise' it - this is my code.

#include <proto/dos.h>
#include <proto/exec.h>
#include <ctype.h>
int main()
    BPTR *fh;
    long result;
    int number =57;
    fh = Open("NIL:", MODE_NEWFILE);
    if (fh) /*if file opened*/
        result=VFPrintf(fh,"This is a test %ld",(long)number);

    Printf("the result is %ld\n",result);
I have a problem
  • I am getting a warning on the VFPrintf line (Initialisation makes integer for a pointer without a cast)
The executable is 2.2 k and it works, but I've had problems finding info on VFPrintf so suspect I've got the args wrong, can someone point out where?

Many thanks.

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